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I hired Mr Yang to help with a possible legal issue I was having. He was polite, kind knowledgeable and showed genuine concern when it came to my problem. Mr Yang walked me through the whole process and helped immensely. I would recommend him as an attorney.

Posted by Charles

May 11, 2018

Yang did an excellent job on my case. He did everything possible to get the outcome I was hoping for. Not only that, he also kept me well updated and always worked around my extremely busy schedule.

Posted by Donald

December 13, 2017

Though I had heard of him before from word of mouth, I was made aware that he would be available for my case as a public defender, and that there was no conflicts of interest. I knew he was good but when he almost overturned the preliminary hearing I told him right then that he was a hell of a lawyer for that is as close as anyone has every came in my county of residence. He then got me transferred from jail to a treatment facility for my ATR after I jumped bail, which saved my life....Read More

Posted by Cole

December 7, 2017

Attorney Yang presented himself in a professional manner. He was able to identify the correct approach in defending a charge that was not correct. He brought the circumstantial matters to the court and found a path to reduce the charge.

Posted by Terry

November 21st, 2017

Michael is very punctual for the most. Everyone gets tied down but he was there for me even after hours and on weekends. He came through on everything he promised. I did have to compromise some but nothing worth complaining. Overall, Michael is very professional and has great knowledge in what he's doing..

Posted by Jinitta

May 10, 2016


Mr. Yang was very professional. I was always kept up to date with my case. He remained in contact with me. Definitely would use him again! 10/10 for sure.

Posted by Latonya

January 3, 2016


Attorney Mike Yang, had my back. He show genuine concern for my situation and did everything possible to help me understand where I stand in the eyes of the law. He did his job with excellence... Because of that the charges were dropped. Thank You Attorney Yang.

Posted by Thomas

November 30, 2015

Mr Yang

Michael is a good attorney...he has done beyond what I had asked and always thinks of the best result for the situation. I highly suggest looking into Mr. Yang!

Posted by Samuel

October 5, 2015

Michael Yang

I was very pleased with Michael's help on my case.Micheal went above and beyond to help me through it. Michael not only returned every phone call I placed to him but,even took time out of his own personal days off to talk with me and continue working on my case on weekends.I am very satisfied with Michael's determination to my case. If ever I would need a attorney in the future,I will be contacting Michael.

Posted by Shelly

October 4, 2015

Amazing lawyer

I had Michael for a child support case and he was amazing the way he handled everything and spoke on my behalf. He is very caring he will be upfront about how everything will go and make you feel comfortable that you have got the best on your side. If you choose Michael Yang you will not be disappointed in his service.

Posted by Heather

November 4, 2014

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